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A good idea is like a treasure, which has to be capably developed, so it can become a business foundation. Talent is a gift, worth sharing to give satisfaction. We support valuable ideas, give artists a chance and launch startups.

Start-up zone

A new product or a service requires a thoughtful introduction to the today’s repelete market. We help to transform them into an innovative business, we provide know-how and support in obtaining funds.

Support for artists

Artists who are looking for the chances to develop their career are offered the opportunity to present their creations in an online art gallery and at selected competitions and festivals. Furthermore we organize a meeting space for artists, art lovers and investors.

International networking

We believe in the power of the direct contact and exchange of knowledge and experiences. We offer apps that connect artistic, business and Polish communities. We support these groups in development and entrepreneurship.

We have been operating on the start-up market for years. When establishing new businesses, we still notice enormous potential for the development of innovative products and services. We want to share our experience with budding entrepreneurs and artists to help them overcome the adversities that lie ahead. The superior goal of the REXSG Foundation is to provide advisory and support activities for fledging businesses with a potential for success. Budding entrepreneurs are offered comprehensive support, ranging from consultations in the field of construction, preliminary analysis of the business plan, as well as legal and accounting consultancy, through the possibility of cooperation with experts from the IT and marketing industry, and assistance in finding potential investors from around the world.

In our activities, we also want to actively support talented artists who, at the same time, find it difficult to break into the difficult art market. We see enormous development potential for this area of activity.

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Innovative projects, art and entrepreneurship development are currently in the spotlight of many institutions, which see them as a potential for the development of both local and international communities. Here, we present information on selected programs and projects aimed at supporting start-ups and young art, as well as on other interesting domestic and foreign initiatives.

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