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About us


We have been operating on the start-up market for years. When establishing new businesses, we still notice enormous potential for the development of innovative products and services. We want to share our experience with novice entrepreneurs and artists to help them overcome the adversities that lie ahead. The overriding goal of the REXSG Foundation is advisory and support activities for fledgling businesses with the potential for success. Beginning entrepreneurs are offered comprehensive support ranging from consultations in the field of construction, preliminary analysis of the business plan as well as legal and accounting consultancy, through the possibility of cooperation with experts from the IT industry.
and marketing and help in finding potential investors from around the world.

In our activities, we also want to actively support artists with talent who, at the same time, find it difficult to break into the difficult artistic market. We see enormous development potential for this area of ​​activity.

Our values

Transparency of operation

  • We verify information before it is made public, based on the sources we refer to.
  • We share our knowledge and experience free of charge. The exceptions are situations when we involve a third institution for analysis. Then a fee may appear, which is consulted before taking such action.
  • We are looking for financing without any brokerage fees.

We focus on cooperation because together we can do more

We establish cooperation and sign partnerships with entities from various sectors, but mainly from the IT industry. These activities allow us to develop our network of contacts for the implementation of advanced IT projects. Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or blockchain, are particularly close to us. We are open to cooperation with IT service providers. After passing the verification process, a given company may be included in our portfolio of providers of such services.

We connect people

  • We associate people and entities with capital with those who need it. We are open to cooperation with people who want to invest in a start-up that is starting and verified by us.


Our services include, among others. 12-month warranty. Extending the warranty period is subject to individual arrangements.

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